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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reclaiming a Solid Wood Countertop, circa 1938

What a find!  I remodeled a kitchen in the Wedgwood area of Seattle, and when I started taking the old cabinets apart the first piece split from one end to the other, and I knew it wasn't plywood.  They were solid fir boards, up to 21" wide. Destined to become a nice art box.  I'm still getting up the nerve to go at the dovetails.

Just out of the wild, before its first its first shave.
 The board, on the operating table.
 Grain close-up.
 A close shave.
 Gasp!  A Stanley #60 block plane (English). With a Hock blade in it. I am eye-balling a Veritas Smoothing Plane. . .

Craftsman Buffet

Craftsman style buffet, made from recycled lumber.

 Hardware detail.  Copper alloy pulls.  What I like about them is that they're size-appropriate for the piece. and they aren't the standard pulls found on most other Craftsman furniture. 
Dovetail drawer detail.  Drawer fronts made from 8x8 porch post from an 80 year old house.  Sides are made from sustainable poplar.  Note the dado in the side which is an original style of drawer slide.  Has wooden runners in the case.

Top view of buffet.  Made from recycled door stiles, from doors that were solid (not veneered).

8x8 post used for drawer fronts. This lumber generally ends up in a landfill.  It is labor-intensive to reclaim, but I feel it's worth it.

Gallery One - Our House

Here are images and details of our Northwest shingle style house.

Reverse proportion Dutch Door.  44" bottom section, 36" top section.  Recycled wood and hardware.

View from the kitchen sink window.

 Typical knee brace.  Note galvanized ridge cap and finial. Acts as moss deterrent also.

Cedar band board used as flashing with flared shingles.  House corner detail.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome to Greywolf Woodworking, First Post


You are visiting a brand new blog that is starting up today, for a business that's been around for 30 years.

Welcome to our house~